Bucharest as travel destination. Why?

Why Bucharest as travel destination?Doesn’t matter where you live! In one of your walks try to see all the places around you like a tourist. We did it in Bucharest, our hometown! And we’re amazed finding all those little details we used to pass by in our day to day life just fabulous.
After this challenge, we put brains, enthusiasm and creativity together and start this project: we decided to promote Bucharest as a tourist attraction, because this city is underestimated from travel point of view and can be a great travel destination and a good idea for a cheap city break.

Why to visit Bucharest? Some facts:

  • 6th EU Capital and 8th in all Europe countries by population density
  • Terrorist incidents are rare in Romania*
  • Most crimes in Romania are non-violent*
  • Visa not required for stays under 90 days within six months for US* and E.U. citizens
  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Bucharest is the world’s largest civilian administrative building – Palace of Parliament
  • Cheap beer, delicious food and great wine
  • Cheap flights from Europe
  • Low roaming rates for E.U. visitors
  • Affordable hotels
  • Cheap but cozy
  • Friendly people
  • A lot of history
  • Perfect travel destination for a cheap city break
  • 99% from you will land in Bucharest (Henri Coanda Airport) in your trip to Transilvania, Dracula homeland
*according the official site of USA Bureau of Consular Affairs in 2015

About Bucharesting Team

4 friends, one city, unlimited possibilities! We are a group of friends with one common passion: travelling. After we visit most important Europe cities, we want to rediscover our city and promote it as a city break destination. Bucharest is about love and travel.  So, we are ready to make you bucharesting. You’ll love this city or you’ll hate it, but for sure you can’t leave it being indifferent.

We like our town and we want to make you experience the best of Bucharest. Follow us in our journey and you’ll fall in love with Bucharest! If you have any questions about the city, travel informations or other infos, please use our contact form.