Public transportation

Bucharest transport costs:

Subway:bucharest transport
2 trips 5 lei
10 trips – 20 lei
1 week unlimited pass 25 lei

A trip is valid until you exit the validation points.

Tram/Bus/Trolleybus/ Express Bus 783: from RATB
Multiple Card cost: 1.6 lei
Tram/Bus/Trolleybus: 1.3 lei/trip, minimum 2 trips, maxim 10 trips
Express 783: 3.5 lei/trip, minimum 2 trips

When you take a bus (or any other RATB), you must have a valid Multicard with at least one pass. In bus next the doors are some orange boxes. You have to touch the black circle from the front of the box with your card and a green light will mark the validation. If you use a card for two or more persons, after every validation, you have to press button 2. For RATB you validate once for every trip, for each person.


Here are most used charges:

1.39 lei start up fee
13.9 lei waiting hour (when cars stay at stop, is also waiting hour)
1.39 lei price per km

Some taxi companies use other charges, but they must show the price on car front door. Some companies use premium charge, from 3 to 4.5 lei/km (and also for start and per hour).

After you get in the car, the driver must start the meter, placed on the car board usually in front of the right seat. It is safer to call for a cab or to use a smartphone app to get a cab, like Clever Taxi or Star Taxi. If you call or place an order on smartphone app there are less chances that the taxi driver try to fool you and it is easy to you to complain to the company.

UBER now operates in Bucharest and is gaining popularity fast so you can use it without any problem if you have an account. We don’t try to take Uber from airport, but is possible to find a ride to the city.

Hop in – hop off

For a tour of main tourist attractions you can choose a Bucharest City Tour bus. Some of the objectives you’ll see along the way are Herastrau Park, Romanian Village Museum, Triumph Arch, Antipa Natural History Museum, Romanian Peasant Museum, Calea Victoriei, Romanian Atheneum, National Art Museum, CEC Palace, University Square.

The tickets can be bought right from the bus. A trip costs 25 lei, about 5E and is valid 24 hours from the first use. The trip is free for children under 7 years old and 10 lei for children aged between 7 – 14 years old.

Hop in/Hop off is available between 10:00 – 22:00 with about 15′ between the buses. Last bus leaves from Piata Presei Libere to Piata Unirii at 21:00 and from Piata Unirii to Piata Presei Libere at 21:25.

You’re a driver

Traffic jams are pretty common in Bucharest, so our advice is to park your car in the hotel parking and enjoy walking through the city. Rush hours in Bucharest transport, by car or public transport, are from 7.30-8 till 9.30, at noon and from 17 till 19. The main flux of cars in morning is from South to North and it reverts on evening. The subway is safe and fast, so it may be your first choice between 2 faraway tourist attractions.

Gas prince is about 1.2 euro/liter and in Bucharest oil stations network is good but in the city centre are not very visible and it’s better to ask directions to find them or use the gas vendors webpages:

If you travel outside Bucharest, is better to keep your tank filled, on some roads you’ll not find gas stations (A3 highway Bucharest-Ploiesti, some famous roads like Transfagarasan or Transalpina)