Cultural tips

Being in Bucharest for the first time, you may find useful some cultural tips we are going to present below. First of all, we want you to know that you’re in Bucharest, not Budapest (this little fact can spare you from a lot of “trouble”)

  • Bucharest not Budapest, don’t get confused, we get angry
  • when in public we are loud, don’t get scared we don’t fight, we just live and speak intense
  • if you have to offer us flowers they have to be in an odd number… unless you come to our funeral, in which case they have to be in even number
  • gender priority at elevator: ladies first unless you are a man and block the exist
  • if you get into a means of public transportation, be well advised that we tend to feed a certain air flow, and old people won’t be very happy if you want to open the windows (we know, we don’t like that either)
  • tips: at restaurant, taxi, hairdresser and maybe other places depending on necessities; tips is never included in the check, the norm is 10% if you enjoy the service
  • when you decide to stay in one of the many places where you can enjoy a drink, a meal or a good talk, you will see that us, the Bucharest people stay in front of each other to make our talks easier
  • we have name days, we like to be congratulated, receive gifts and celebrate
  • pregnant women and elders will expect young people to offer them their seats; also, you’ll see people giving their place to little kids
  • street food has mixed origins: pretzels with germanic origins, pastry from France, doner kebab from Turkey and shawarma from Middle East; it is a must to try it all!
  • Gypsies may be Romanians but Romanians are not Gypsies, again don’t get confused, we get very angry!
  • we appreciate politeness: “salut” = Hi, “buna ziua” = Hello, “va rog” = please, “multumesc” = thank you
  • we speak English and some of us French as well
  • if we offer you food and drink, eat and drink, we consider it offensive to refuse